The Red Arrow Gallery / 919 Gallatin Ave., Suite #4 May 11, 2019 - June 15, 2019

Brian Edmonds, Alex McClurg, Bryce Speed

The Red Arrow Gallery is pleased to announce In Between, an exhibition featuring three Alabama based artists, Brian Edmonds, Alex McClurg and Bryce Speed on May 11th, 2019 from 6-9pm, in conjunction with the East Nashville Art Stumble. While the three artists similarly deal with formal concerns in painting, they each have developed their own strong visual language that sets them distinctly apart. Together, the artists explore different ways to utilize line in abstraction.

Bryce Speed uses fluid line work and layers of collage elements in his paintings, forming abstracted landscapes. Brian Edmonds uses familiar geometries in his work, while allowing raw edges of lines and textured surfaces to interrupt the overarching forms. Alex McClurg concentrates on sharp and crisp geometry on raw linen.