Open Gallery (Lipscomb University) / 507 Hagan St., Nashville , TN April 6, 2019 - May 3, 2019

Grant Gasser

"The goal for Hebel is to illustrative and visually interpret the sense of urgency and existential responsibility that we all have as human beings. The constant conflict of making our time on this Earth meaningful yet coming to the realization that our existence is temporary and a “mere breath” in retrospect is one that I find exhausting yet captivating. Finding the peace and serenity in that is my ultimate goal.

As a thematic progression from my latest zine, Everyone is So Near (Oct 2018), Hebel provides a more hopeful and accepting outlook on the similar philosophical theory of Solipsism. While Everyone is So Near comes from an overwhelmed and gasping place, Hebel provides an newfound absurdist peace and tranquility." — Grant Gasser