COOP Gallery / 507 Hagan St. November 4, 2022 - November 6, 2022

Harrison Shook

COOP Gallery is pleased to present Words Are Not Enough, a one night only exhibition. Conceptualized by artist Harrison Shook, Words Are Not Enough is built as a way to open discourse surrounding art’s ability to communicate profound truths that words alone cannot express. Through the exhibition, along with a series of films and a photobook under the same name, Shook seeks to explore themes of space, time, casualty, doubt, and faith — and how art has made that exploration possible. The works featured in the exhibition range across visual mediums including painting, photography, film, and installation experiences. Along with Harrison, artists Grace Hall, Matlyn Spillers, and Joey Brodnax will be showing their work. In addition to the visual pieces, there will be live musical accompaniment from Billy Ayers, Michael Alan Scott, Anson Eggerss, Connor Fiehler, and Jackson Dyson.

Words Are Not Enough ultimately seeks to invite and cultivate community, conversation, and further creation through art’s distinctive ability to convey our humanity in ways that transcend the words we speak.

More about the Artist:

Harrison Shook is a director, photographer, and mixed-media artist based in Nashville, TN. He is originally from Houston, TX and currently studies at Belmont University. Through various visual mediums such as narrative film, music videos, street photography, and painting, he seeks to explore the expression of humanity that lies at the intersection of art, philosophy, and faith.

To learn more about Harrison Shook's work, visit www.harrisonshook.com or follow him on Instagram: @harrison.shook.