STATE Gallery + Studios at The Forge / 217 Willow St. March 30 - April 30th

Hannah Einhorn

STATE Gallery at The Forge is proud to present Nest: The Work of Hannah Einhorn. The show will open on Saturday, March 30th with a public reception from 6pm to 10pm, and run through Saturday, April 13th. Hannah is a recipient of the 2023/2024 STATE Gallery + Studios Residency Program, a cornerstone offering of The Forge and the only program of its kind in Nashville.

Originally from Madison, Alabama, Hannah Einhorn earned her BFA from Watkins College of Art at Belmont, during which time she completed numerous exhibitions with award recognition. While her work favors mostly painting and ceramics, Hannah also ventures into collage, drawing, installation and mixed media sculpture, all of which are on display within Nest.

Overall, Hannah’s work explores cultural and literary examinations of gender-based fear, feminine aesthetics, and violence - and then contrasts these representations with her own experience. This intersection becomes a deep dive into queer human resilience, sexuality, race and gender, all culminating in a visual pursuit of the uncomfortable and terrifying parts of being alive.

Thematically, we find traces of what it is to be safe, vengeful, politically aware, isolated and surrounded — and eventually, what it is to be at peace. In its apartment-like setup, Nest is not only a rumination of Hannah’s physical space, but also what it means to be fully inside; one’s rooms, one’s thoughts, one’s life.

We invite you to wander through Hannah’s Nest this Saturday, March 30th, during our open reception from 6pm to 10pm. See you there!