David Lusk Gallery Nashville / 516 Hagan St. January 2 - February 10th

Hamlett Dobbins

David Lusk Gallery is thrilled to announce The Green of Friendship, a compelling exhibition by acclaimed Memphis artist Hamlett Dobbins. This exhibition highlights the artist's profound connection with painting and abstraction and offers a unique perspective on Dobbins' creative process as he turns his attention to smaller works on paper.

Dobbins, often hailed as a "painter's painter," employs his signature approach to shape, form, and color orchestration in these intimate pieces. Originating from the artist's semi-annual departure from larger canvas works, The Green of Friendship showcases Dobbins' experimental side, allowing for improvisational expression and creative exploration.

In this collection, Dobbins seamlessly merges the loose and gestural with the contemplative and structured. The artist shares insights into his creative ritual, revealing that the process begins with vibrant, fluid inks splashed onto paper. The resulting compositions reveal a dynamic interplay between energetic spontaneity and thoughtful, rhythmic patterns. The title, The Green of Friendship, draws inspiration from Dobbins' mentor, David Dunlap, reflecting the essence of friendship in a vivid color palette. Transparent yet deeply personal, these works offer viewers a glimpse into the artist's experiences of pure consciousness and his reflections on light in the old-growth forest of Overton Park.

Dobbins, a Tennessee native and accomplished artist, has received acclaim for his contributions to the Memphis art scene since earning his BA in Painting from the University of Memphis. His extensive career includes prestigious awards, such as the Rome Prize in 2013, and notable residencies at institutions like the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art and the Vermont Studio Center.

The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to witness the artist's innovative exploration of consciousness and celebrate the vibrant, ever-evolving career of a true master in the realm of abstraction.

Image: The Green of Friendship #26, acyrlic ink on paper, 2023