Track One Silo Room / 1201 4th Ave. S., Suite 128 January 6th

Grant Barbour, Johanna Winters


HÄXAN is a live shadow puppet performance that reimagines myths about witch trials and religious extremism. Using vintage overhead projectors, collaborators Grant Barbour and Johanna Winters will perform a series of shadow vignettes that portray mythical, carnal, and absurd relationships between the devil, the accuser, and the accused. This ill-fated cast of characters moan, wail, seduce, and suffer in a spectacle of cut paper and cast shadows that are at once devastating and beautiful.

Each cycle of the performance is approximately 18 minutes, with a few minutes in between each cycle to reset the puppets. It will be performed 6 times beginning at 7:00pm, with a 15 minute intermission after three cycles.

Contains content not suitable for children.

This event is produced in collaboration with Seed Space.