Modfellows Gallery WeHo / 507 Hagan St. June 4 - 25th

Grace Hall

Grace Hall is an interdisciplinary artist from Nashville, Tennessee. Hall uncovers the untold stories of the past, present, and future with bold use of unusual colors and materials. These qualities allow Grace’s work to become illustrative in not only its context, but of the subject's energy, personality, and psyche as well. While she utilizes bright colors that evoke a sense of childish giddiness, the pleasant façades are often hiding a darker story or subject matter of human fallibility and self-deprecation. Hall’s portraits are as multifaceted as her abstract sculptural works in concept and depth. Her oil painting portraits depict people she admires. In these paintings, she reveals the souls of her muses, disrobing them from their physical and emotional camouflage. Her assemblage sculptures are composed of painted repurposed wood and similarly expose inner niches and hidden treasures.

Hall has exhibited her work in multiple cities across the United States. She studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and recently received a prestigious residency at Athena Standards Residency in Athens, Greece. Her accolades are numerous, and we are lucky to have her showing at Modfellows WeHo.