The Arts Company / 215 5th Ave. May 4, 2019 - May 23, 2019

Angela Deane

In addition to The Altered Image exhibition, The Arts Company's second May exhibition, Giving Up the Ghost, features the painted photographs of artist Angela Deane. Through this body of work, Deane engages with found photographs. These objects have a history unknown to the artist and speak of another’s memory. In these photographs, Deane covers the subjects with paint, subtracting the specific identity of each person and transforming them into anonymous ghosts for the viewer to project upon. In this way, a private and specific experience becomes an open and shared one through the material addition of paint on photograph. Deane states, “Through this haunting of the material, the ghosts become us, and we become the ghosts. We become the ghosts of our everyday.”

The Arts Company’s exhibition Giving Up the Ghost will be one of the final showings of this unique photographic series.

To celebrate the closing of the Ghost Photograph series, Deane will be publishing her first book, The Ghosts Within, this month. According to the artist, “These simple, small paintings have continually astonished me with their ability to affect people in both a playful and meaningful way. These ghosts are familiar; they are the ghosts that travel with us, the ghosts of our moments, our minutes, our yesterdays. As I move on from these found photo paintings to focus on my large canvas endeavors, I want to properly honor my steadfast spirit companions with this publication.”