Channel To Channel / 427 Chestnut St. April 2, 2016 - May 26, 2016

Dustin Hedrick

Director and Founder of Channel To Channel, Dustin Hedrick, will be on display through May with a variety of work that spans the past 5 years spent in Nashville and in the May Hosiery Mill.

In this body of work you will see the influence of this large, derelict, industrial building, the artists that have graced the gallery over the past year and a half, the subjects that have modeled in the gallery, and the colors that represent him in Nashville at this particular moment in time. The work transitions from pure abstract paintings to the gradual addition of human elements and finally to the surrender of pure representation. The abstract surfaces are constructed and deconstructed over a period of months or years to grow and evolve slowly much like landscapes, plants, animals, and humans. The portraits are more immediate and reflect the discovery of intricate details of his peers over the course of a few hours.