Sauvage Galerie / 1114B 3rd Ave. S. September 10, 2016 - September 30, 2016

Lain York

Et Al. Poetry Readings is a poetry event series that seeks to place an attention to poetics into the cultural landscape of Nashville, TN.

Et Al. Poetry Readings host one visiting poet, and, at least, one local poet, in a setting determined by a local visual artist. In pairing a visiting poet with local ones, these events express an array of sociopolitical, economic, regional priorities and concerns with, and through, the evening's presented art. It's further aim is to articulate the underlying relationships and proximities of the arts and artists working in Nashville, TN.

We are fortunate that Sauvage Galerie can promote a unique visual artist for each Et Al. Poetry Reading, and September’s featured artist is Lain York.