The Red Arrow Gallery / 919 Gallatin Ave. February 3 - 24th

Emily Weiner

Red Arrow Gallery is pleased to present Never odd or even, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Emily Weiner. In this most recent series, Weiner focuses on primordial imagery - hands, moons, and faces - in addition to references specific to art history and theater.

The show title is a palindrome, or phrase that reads the same backwards and forwards. Similarly, the compositions on view are symmetrical and multilayered. The phrase Never odd or even might also refer to an infinitely repeating series, like the Fibonacci sequence, associated with the golden spiral in mathematics and divine proportion in art.

Spirals and moons repeat throughout the landscapes, echoing cyclical rhythms and eternal return. Also recurring are spectral hands and curtains, which point to the behind-the-scenes of common perception. Several works borrow gestures from Renaissance paintings, ancient mudras, and pop illusions, presenting disembodied and doubled hands that embrace an ageless, hallowed ground.