ESPS: East Side Project Space / 507 Hagan St. September 2, 2017 - September 29, 2017

Elise Drake

Gallery Luperca is thrilled to present the sculptural, photographic, and video installation work of Brooklyn, NY artist Elise Drake in Guilty Pleasures, an exhibition opening Saturday, September 2 at our WeHo location, East Side Project Space.

Drake is a sculptor, performer, and installation artist based in NYC. Her work is laborious and tactile, driven by her aversion to consumerism and the American impulse to find gratification in the disposable. Drake sources materials from discarded objects: afghans, sweaters, and other used yarns, which she deconstructs to create new, purpose-built objects replete with personal slogans derived from her hyper-saturated sketchbook almanacs.

Guilty Pleasures speaks to the things we choose to obscure as we cultivate our public personas. The exhibition asks questions about the lies we tell ourselves, both knowingly and subconsciously, and the truths behind curated facades. Drake writes,

“The stages of individualism upon which we broadcast our self-proclaimed personal truths are platforms nearing their expirations. We not only crave play and pretend beyond these constructed presentations, but we require it. In these moments in which we step off stage into the unmentioned, performing through disappearance, are our true selves disguised or are they revealed?”

Guilty Pleasures runs through September 29. Gallery hours are 2-8pm Wednesday-Thursday, 11-3pm Saturday, and 4-7 on Sundays. Please contact info@galleryluperca.com or 615-669-1384 for more information or to make an appointment.