21c Museum Hotel / 221 2nd Avenue N. January 17, 2022 - June 19, 2022

Caroline Allison

Centered on our relationship to the present-day environment, Caroline Allison’s new body of work is comprised of large-scale color landscape photographs and cyanotype photograms. Her work includes in-camera manipulations of the ocean, the rising moon, rivers, and other archetypal landscapes. In contrast to previous bodies of work that document a specific place or moment, this series offers an interpretative perspective, highlighting the artist’s contemplation of time. Moments of ephemerality in the natural world are seen through cyanotype photograms of spider webs and exploding snowballs. Time’s steadfast and quiet presence is evident in photographs of the passing moon and changing tides. Through multiple exposures, sometimes as many as 50 on one sheet of film, the photographs are attempts to seize time and to understand the thin slice of air and earth that sustains us, which we so precariously inhabit.