The Browsing Room Gallery (Downtown Presbyterian Church) / 154 Rep. John Lewis Way N. January 6 - 27th

David Onri Anderson, Sophia Belkin, Joshua Edward Bennett, Heather Hartman, Calli Moore, Julian Rogers, Esther Ruiz, Benjy Russell, Karen Seapker

Divine Lite is an acknowledgment of its setting—a place of spiritual activity. Rather than ascribing to a specifically constructed worldview, the works on display suggest a sense of spirituality through the small but awesome moments commonly found in the natural world. Historically, the portrayal of God or other celestial beings has often been described simply as light. The perception of our reality can be swayed or even completely altered based on the presence or lack of light. And when we consider a new perspective on any given matter, we might say we’ve “seen it in a new light.” The artworks in this exhibition investigate this transformative power in many ways—whether directly manipulating light or portraying its effect through their subject and composition.

Regardless of our individual beliefs of the why and the how we all can recall a time or two when we were compelled to simply marvel and wonder in sheer amazement at the vision before us. In these moments we can focus on the simplest of beauties and/or the unfathomable and terrifying complexity of our existence. It all just depends on the light.

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