Cheekwood / 1200 Forrest Park Dr. February 1, 2019 - June 9, 2019

Faig Ahmed
Beth Lipman
Bouke de Vries

Cheekwood presents an exhibition featuring work by Faig Ahmed (Baku, Azerbaijan), Beth Lipman (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), and Bouke de Vries (Utrecht, the Netherlands). The exhibition consists of artists and designers who take cues from decorative arts traditions yet invert the precepts by blurring the space between functional forms and art forms. The exhibition will celebrate the work of a national and international group of artists who look at traditional decorative arts as a point of departure for contemporary creations. The artists in this show challenge the idea of historically informed notions of craft and provide a contemporary entry point into the space between fine and decorative art. Through recognizable visual traditions, the works destabilize perceptions of the familiar. Integrating traditional fabrication methods along with digital contributions, the exhibition will present works that embrace a wide spectrum of time.