Todd Art Gallery (MTSU) / 542 Old Main Cir., MTSU Todd Hall, Room 224A , Murfreesboro, TN July 29, 2019 - August 17, 2019

Mary Watkins, Michael McBride, Leroy Hodges, Barbara Hodges, Wayne Brezinka, Diane Stockard, Robert Orr Jr, Carlton Wilkinson, Destiney Powell, Ryan Frizzell, Robert Miranda, Suzanne LeBeau, Ginny Togrye, Heliose Shiltat, LaRonda Angelisa, Sam Dunson

Conversation: Untold Stories

Curated by Dr. Barbara and Mr. Leroy Hodges this juried collaborative art exhibition of local and regional artists gives something of meaning to the audience through inspiring, engaging, and educating works of art. Skillfully through visual, written, or social media storytelling, these artists offer the opportunity to talk with and not at the audience, to interact and offer their perspective for untold stories, conversations from history, societal concerns, and environmental issues.

For more information on the storyteller artwork of Leroy & Barbara Hodges, visit www.artisticstorytellers.com.