Channel To Channel / 507A Hagan St. May 5, 2018 - June 30, 2018

Dustin Hedrick

This exhibit marks the 4 year anniversary of the inaugural show at Channel To Channel. It transitioned from Hedrick’s studio to a gallery in order to offer more outlets to TN artists. The studio still plays an integral role within Channel To Channel today as open figure drawing sessions (Drink-n-Draw) and workshops occur at least three times a week.

Channel To Channel will transition back to a studio during the months of May and June. The gallery walls and floor will begin to envelope the viewer in vast fields of patterned and textured portraits using tape and paint as the medium. This will be an ongoing installation during the months of May and June.

Cobwebs & Catacombs will be Hedrick’s first solo show at Channel To Channel since moving to the Packing Plant in September 2015.