The Arts Company / 215 5th Ave. July 6, 2019 - July 25, 2019

Bob Bechtol

Bob Bechtol’s current work incorporates gestural, expressive and abstract applications, as well as hints of representation, overlaid on grids. The structure of the paintings is arrived at through repeated rounds of combination, replacement, dissection and reconfiguration of the work. For Bechtol, this is where the art happens – unexpected composition and coalescence born from conflict and contradiction. Bechtol is careful not to lead the viewer into any specific narrative or feeling about the work. For him, the process is the most important aspect. It’s meticulous, technical and time-consuming. The lines, shapes, color and patterns continue to develop and reveal themselves as the process progresses. The artist states, “The observation and integration of opposites is the process I use to achieve that end. In this latest work, avoiding narrative while highlighting process allows me to focus on form and intent.”