Leu Art Gallery (Belmont University) / 1907 Belmont Blvd. July 11, 2022 - August 5, 2022

Beth Edwards

Under the Rainbow is a solo exhibition of paintings created by Memphis-based artist Beth Edwards. The paintings are comprised of small sections of the natural world represented at a magnified scale. Each piece is a record of a steady, meditative painting process – hopefully imbuing the traditional subject of flowers with what the art historian, Norman Bryson termed a “meticulous particularity.” Edwards seeks to make something that is fairly commonplace, a flower blossom, resonate and endure. Due to the life cycle metaphorically embedded in the representation of flowers, they are vanitas images symbolizing the fleetingness of life. However, due to their exuberant color and emphasis on the beauty of nature, they are also meant to communicate joy. This work provides a connection to and awareness of the natural world’s vitality and vulnerability.

This exhibition will remain on display in the Leu Art Gallery located in the Lila D. Bunch Library at Belmont University from July 11 – August 05, 2022. The exhibit is co-sponsored by the Watkins College of Art at Belmont University and the Tennessee Arts Academy with additional funding made possible by a generous gift from the Tennessee Arts Academy Foundation.