Bobby Hotel/Tinney Contemporary / 230 4th Ave N. April 21 - September 4th

Alex Blau
Jane Braddock
Amelia Briggs
Andrés Bustamante
Dan Charbonnet
Wesley Clark
Dave Greber
Richard Harris
Bonnie Maygarden
Duncan McDaniel
Nick Naber
Melodie Provenzano
Bret Shirley

Tinney Contemporary is proud to present BASH, a celebratory group exhibition in collaboration with The Collection at Bobby Hotel. The exhibition will be on display from April 20, 2023 through September 3, 2023.

In commemoration of Bobby Hotel’s fifth birthday, the exhibition is a visual manifestation of revelry, bringing together works that are energetic, colorful, and dynamic. BASH is art-exhibition-as-birthday-party, a cathartic outburst, confetti and fireworks, the pop of champagne and clinking of glasses, the woozy neon glow of the city at night.

Consistent with The Collection at Bobby Hotel’s budding reputation as an elevated space to experience artwork, the exhibition emphasizes a formal optimism: the potency of vibrant colors, the importance of art-making, and the inherent value in crafting bright, thoughtful spaces.