Tinney Contemporary / 237 5th Ave North. January 12, 2021 - February 27, 2021

Alice Zilberberg

The work in this show comes from Alice’s series Meditations. In this series, Zilberberg creates animal montages as an expression of self-therapy. As an urbanite, functioning day-to-day in a fast-paced, built environment can be emotionally unsettling. The artist regrounds herself in the sense of calm issued by these animals. These creatures reinstate a presence, a tranquility, and a grander perspective. The works are an amalgam of many photographs from different locations around the world, put together seamlessly by the artist in post-production. Their minimal aesthetic is metaphorical of striving for simplicity. Rather than ruminating on the past, or hypothesizing the future, Zilberberg’s works invite a meditative state, encouraging the viewer to stay still and find happiness in the moment.

Alice Zilberberg is both a photographer and digital painter, creating meticulous compositions utilizing both photographs and digital manipulation. She developed her technique over the course of a decade, where multiple photographs are layered upon each other with color, toning, and painting.  Her images of landscapes and wildlife exude a dreamlike quality, indicative of our precarious relationship with the world we inhabit; the ways we define nature, and the ways nature defines us. It often takes Zilberberg months to create a work, traveling across the world to capture wildlife with her camera, and detailing the final image.  The work resulting from these efforts are poetic, inviting viewers to look within.