OZ Arts / 6172 Cockrill Bend Circle April 2, 2018 - June 30, 2018

Alex Lockwood

We have too many guns in too many hands. Too many Americans are targeting enemies, strangers, the innocent and the guilty and, most often, themselves. Of the nearly 33,000 deaths by gun per year in the United States, nearly 22,000 are suicides. 6,500 of those suicides are veterans, whose suffering we fail to treat when they come home from stress and horror.

Lockwood began working with shotgun shells for his solo show, “Shake,” at OZ Arts in 2015. Unlike his more decorative use of shells — both in “Shake” and his follow-up “Too Close Together, Too Far Apart” at Lipscomb University in 2016 — “Targets” connects the shotgun shell to the shotgun and to the power and violence created by the two together. Alex Lockwood is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Nashville, TN and the owner and director of Elephant Gallery. Please contact hello@elephantgallery.com with inquiries.

Admission is free
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