COOP Gallery / 507 Hagan St. June 4, 2022 - June 25, 2022

Sarah Brahim, Ronnie Karfiol, Laleh Mehran

In collaboration with Vanderbilt University’s Arts, and the Middle East: Building Bridges to the Global and the Local 2022-2023 initiative COOP Gallery is pleased to present

“Abracadabra” video works by three Middle Eastern female artists. The goal of the Middle East art initiative is to raise awareness of the Middle East and connect the Nashville population with the many Middle Eastern communities who live and work in Tennessee. In this program our goal is to present an articulated look into the many cultures, traditions, and social complexities present within the Middle East and its diaspora. Through art, we wish to address issues regarding Middle Eastern internal relations and relations between the Middle East and the United States.