The Woolworth Window / 221 5th Ave. N May 3 - June 19th (Reception: June 5 6:00pm - 8:00pm)

Woolworth Window is pleased to present a selection of works from Poverty and the Arts Artist Collective on view at 221 5th Ave N from May 3 to July 19, 2021.

The Woolworth Window is a new contemporary, non-traditional art gallery located in the front window of the Woolworth building on 5th avenue in downtown Nashville. It is always open. Just walk by.

The Woolworth Building was the location of the lunch counter sit-ins in Nashville that helped bring an end to racial segregation at lunch counters and bring the civil rights movement into focus. These peaceful protests were organized by the Nashville Student Movement and the Nashville Christian Leadership Council, and were notable for their early success and emphasis on disciplined nonviolence. This movement led the way for desegregation in Nashville and many other states. Many of the organizers, including the late Georgia Congressman John Lewis, went on to be significant leaders in the civil rights movement.

Poverty and the Arts is a Nashville-based nonprofit working to provide people impacted by homelessness with the opportunity to create artwork and develop an artistic practice, to be surrounded by other artists, and to highlight new perspectives in the Nashville arts community as a whole. The Collective represents an essential step towards economic justice and representation in the arts.

Incorporating various media and techniques, the works on display are alike in their use of vivid colors and varied approaches to abstraction. The artists featured are all Nashville-based.