Tinney Contemporary / 237 5th Ave. N. August 6, 2016 - September 17, 2016

Andy Harding
Anna Jaap
Béatrice Coron
Carla Ciuffo
Carlos Gamez de Francisco
Claire B. Cotts
Eduardo Terranova
James Perrin
Jane Braddock
Jason Craighead
John Folsom
Kuzana Ogg
Martica Griffin
Mary Long
Patricia Bellan-Gillen
Peri Schwartz
Stefany Hemming
Tom Brydelsky

Tinney Contemporary is pleased to present “A Decade in the Making,” a two part exhibition commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the gallery. Established in 2006 by Susan Tinney, Tinney Contemporary was the second gallery to open on 5th Avenue and was a founding partner of First Saturday Art Crawl – a now beloved citywide event that will also be celebrating its 10th Anniversary in August. Since its inception, the gallery’s focus toward presenting work that is collectible yet also thought-provoking and, at times, challenging has led the gallery to exhibit work by some of the top artists in the region and around the world. Most recently, the gallery hosted a three month long guest curated exhibition featuring work by internationally known street artists with the goal of bringing a significant contemporary art movement to Nashville.

The anniversary exhibition will feature works by Tinney Contemporary artists who have been with the gallery since the beginning as well as recent additions including Andy Harding, Anna Jaap, Béatrice Coron, Carla Ciuffo, Carlos Gamez de Francisco, Claire B. Cotts, Dorothy O’Connor, Eduardo Terranova, James Perrin, Jane Braddock, Jason Craighead, John Folsom, Kay Ruane, Kuzana Ogg, Martica Griffin, Mary Long, Patricia Bellan-Gillen, Peri Schwartz, Sky Kim, Stefany Hemming, and Tom Brydelsky. Exhibited works will be available to take home at time of purchase and will be eligible for a 10 percent discount in celebration of the anniversary.