Cumberland Gallery / 4107 Hillsboro Circle January 12, 2019 - March 2, 2019

Participating Artists Part I
John Baeder
Raine Bedsole
Lynda Benglis
Kell Black
Susan Bryant
Barry Buxkamper
Craig Cully
Jeff Danley
Brad Durham
Bob Durham
Jeri Eisenberg
Lori Field
John Fraser
David French
James Gibson
Don Gilbert
Raphaëlle Goethals
Cheryl Goldsleger
Warren Greene
Red Grooms
Dan Gualdoni
Johan Hagaman
John Henry
Mark Hosford
Tom Judd

Participating Artists Part II
Sherry Karver
Kurt Kemp
Bill Killebrew
Ray Kleinlein
Leonard Koscianski
Ida Kohlmeyer
David Kroll
James Lavadour
Marilyn Murphy
Bob Nugent
Thomas Pfannerstill
Jim Phalen
Ron Porter
Billy Renkl
Andrew Saftel
Greg Sand
Max Shuster
Marko Spalatin
Jack Spencer
Fred Stonehouse
Suzanne Stryk
Robert Treat
Terry Williams
John wilkison
Gavin Zeigler

PART I : January 12 – February 2, 2019
Opening Reception Saturday Jan. 12th, 6-8pm

PART II : February 9 – March 2, 2019
Opening Reception Saturday Feb. 9th, 6-8pm

After 39 years of showcasing and promoting the visual arts, Cumberland Gallery is presenting its last official exhibition from January 12th through March 2nd. Fifty CG artists from the past and present will be showing new or a signature work in a two-part retrospective exhibit. Each part will be formally introduced with an opening reception, respectively on Saturday January 12th and Saturday February 9th.

A 39 Year Retrospective is first and foremost a celebration of art. Throughout the years, Cumberland Gallery has exhibited work of hundreds of artists, all with a unique vision and concept. Despite differences in medium and modes of representation, they have in common a great sense of artistic integrity and remarkable technical skill - qualities that have enabled Cumberland Gallery to gain a regional and national reputation for excellence. CG has not only been a gathering place for this local and nationwide talent but also for collectors of all means and enthusiasts of contemporary art in general. The continuous support of clients has been pivotal in maintaining a thriving gallery for nearly four decades. Additionally, many long-lasting friendships and professional collaborations originated here, benefiting the Nashville arts community. In the new year, Cumberland Gallery will be celebrating all of this: our artists, patrons and influence that reached far beyond these walls.

The Retrospective features and honors fifty represented artists who have been instrumental in making Cumberland Gallery a leading advocate for contemporary art in Nashville and beyond. Alphabetically ordered in two parts, each section will exhibit a mix of local and out of town artists. 

Many of the works have been created specifically for this occasion and all participating artists are celebrated with iconic, signature artwork. Furthermore, we want to thank the numerous visiting artists who participated in summer shows, group exhibitions and invitationals. They too have been essential to the diversity and quality of the gallery.

March 2nd will be the last day of exhibition and the gallery will formally close the following month. Please visit our website for more details on opportunities and events that will take place during this interim period.