The Packing Plant / 507 Hagen St. October 1, 2016 - October 1, 2016

Ashley Layendecker
David Wolff
Eric Cagley
Joshua Bienko
Kayla Rumpp
Lauren Sanders
Michael Giles
Sarah Moore
Tom Wixo

The selected painters are linked in the fact that they are currently working in Knoxville, as well as each addressing abstraction in their own way. The work was curated by David Wolff. With this show we hope to bridge the gap between Knoxville and Nashville, creating a community of artists and viewers throughout the state.

Fluorescent Gallery of Knoxville is one of Tennessee's longest running alternative and experimental visual art spaces (programming exhibitions for over 11 years). This is Fluorescent's first pop-up show in Nashville.

image credit: Joshua Bienko