Nashville Public Library - Main Library Art Gallery / 615 Church St. September 8, 2018 - December 1, 2018

About the Project:

"Since the first iteration of 20 Collaborations in Book Art in 2014, the collaborative process has been expanded in a unique and wonderful way. I am still the driving force behind the project, working closely with the 30 selected artists to produce one of a kind artist books. In most of the finished works, I have been responsible for the binding, custom enclosures, as well as contributing some of the visual art.

However, in this third and final round, I wanted to broaden the idea of collaboration to include pairings between creators that didn't involve me directly, especially when nascent collaborative ideas started to include media in which I have no expertise, such as carpentry or light installation.

Because this is the final installment of 20 Collaborations in Book Art, I invited artists from the first and second rounds along with the new group increasing the collaborations to 28. There are 28 one-of-a-kind artist books in this exhibit and over 36 artists involved in producing the works.

Each and every participant truly embraced the spirit and the ultimate goal of the project, to bring book art to a wider audience as well as demonstrate the creative potential within all artists to utilize the book form. The resulting 28 works challenge us to not only define what an artist book is, but how visual, literal, and personal narratives can be explored.

This exhibit represents over one year of work and collaboration. It challenged all involved and forced each and every one of us out of our comfort zone. The 20 Collaborations in Book Art I, II, and III project has taken place over the past six years and involved over 75 artists, designers, and creatives."
 - Britt E. Stadig