L Ross Gallery / 5040 Sanderlin Ave., Ste. 104 February 1, 2018 - February 24, 2018

Pam Hassler
Jeanne Seagle

“My landscape paintings are inspired by the nature trail in Johnson Park, Collierville. It winds its way through the woods to the Wolf River. I walk there several times a week during all seasons of the year, marveling at the constant changes in nature and the endless possibilities for paintings.” - Pam Hassler

“I love crossing the Mississippi River, the old interstate bridge with big trucks, a pipeline to the West. First exit and you’re in the fields, the wilderness. Dirt roads, windswept trees, a million miles from civilization. There’s a jungle along the edges, and I’ve seen a panther there. This is where I come to connect with the planet Earth, to find adventure and escape. It’s always changing- the colors, shapes, the light. It’s my inspiration. So I draw it, and these pictures become the landmarks in my life.” - Jeanne Seagle