UrbanArt Commission / 422 N. Cleveland St January 27 - May 7th (Reception: April 27 5:30pm - 7:30pm)

Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo, Verushka Dior of The Mane Wildling, Joel Parsons

In reflecting on the TN Triennial Theme of RE-PAIR, we continuously returned to the notion that healing starts within. “To patch and rebuild our fragile spirits, bodies, cities, political institutions, and economic relationships” we posited that caring for and nurturing self come first. It is with intention that things begin to change purposefully.

UrbanArt Commission presents Tend To, a flora-filled group exhibition featuring works from artist and curator Joel Parsons, interdisciplinary sculptural artist Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo, and floral designer and botanical artist Verushka Dior of the Mane Wildling that invites us to take pause, tend to nature, and therefore tend to self.

Exploring themes of healing, growth, and self identity - this installation will include a selection of curated objects and site-specific sculptural works that ask the viewer to ponder how and by what means does one begin to care for themselves, others, and the world around them.