Tone Memphis / 2234 Lamar Ave. May 7, 2022 - July 16, 2022

Natalie Rose Eddings, Kellie Romany, Jarvis Boyland, Jaleeca Yancy, Nubia Yasin, Shikeith, Dawn Celeste Ross, Latee Dolley, Amina Ross, Daija Guy, Jory Drew, Elliot Jerome Brown Jr.

TONE invites you to pull up to Spoiled, a group exhibition on the exploration of pleasure: the ways we seek it, the ways we bar ourselves from experiencing it the ways we contextualize it.

One key text the curator, Amber Amahd, used to conceptualize the exhibition is Pleasure Activism by Adrianne Maree Brown. This book draws on Black feminist tradition to reposition pleasure as an invaluable part of “the work”. Pleasure is activism, and activism is pleasure. What this means is that any work that seeks to explore or strengthen our relationship to pleasure is work that gets us, as a people, closer to liberation. It is as essential to Black liberation as more material liberties, like the pursuit of food, shelter, safety, and political recourse.

CONTENT WARNING: This show contains artwork that may not be suitable for the young ones. Viewer discretion is advised.