The CMPLX / 2234 Lamar Ave. August 31, 2019 - October 12, 2019

Cameron Bethany, Matthew Thomas, Rahn Marion, Sarai, Terry Lynn, Dawn Celeste Ross, Jasmine Watson, Phillip Jackson, Janay Kelly

A theme that continuously interrogates morality vs the free will of a person since the genesis of time. The intersection of both topics remains taboo for some and enlightening for others. Sex & Religion is an exhibition exploring the ideologies and taboos within the black community regarding sex, sexuality, religion and God.

Sex, a taboo topic for most, has alienated many people throughout their lives. Coupled with religion and you have an intense topic that most are weary to discuss. During this exhibition artists will explore their personal narratives, triumphs, and tribulations with Sex & Religion.

Guest curated by Auntrion Bradford and Kiara Sally