Tone Memphis / 2234 Lamar Ave. May 28, 2022 - July 9, 2022

Funlola Coker, Shanna Strauss, Trap, Olajide Ibitoye, Tiff Massey, Desmond Lewis, Lester Julian Merriweather, Anthony George II, Cameron Clayborn

"Sculpture and Small Objects is based around sculpture, object making and 3D work. I know this might sound like a very wide and vague guideline, but as an artist born and raised in Memphis, there has always always been a huge deficit in representation of Black makers in the city. Object makers have always been a part of black life historically, and they haven't been able to exist in a purely creative fashion. Even in the universities here, the representation and production of black makers is very scarce and my team and I have wanted to put together an exhibition purely highlighting people who work within that tradition and discipline. We've shown sculptural work in the past, but we feel even within our organization we've lacked proper representation as a space dedicated to all forms of black creativity. We'd like to help start a change within that narrative by having this show."

- Amber Ahmad, Curator