Tone Memphis / 2234 Lamar Ave. , Mepmhis, TN February 5, 2022 - March 19, 2022

Rahn Marion

Ecco Homo (Behold a Man), a solo exhibition by Rahn Marion will hang in the second gallery. Rahn Marion is a painter, liturgical artist, sculptor, and installation designer. Rahn’s work reimagines ancient stories and mythologies through the black male figure, drawing references from visionary art traditions, medieval composition, and folklore.

Ecco Homo" [...]reclaims ideas of spirituality and salvation within black masculinity. [the] work features religious iconography, architecture and tapestry, juxtaposed with sensual queer figures. [the] work challenges notions of orthodoxy by placing Black queer men as the central figures in Eurocentric Christian narratives. The paintings combine bold colors with traditional muted tones to blend contemporary and historical techniques. Through [...] surreal but corporeal paintings [Ecco Homo] creates a new pantheon of queer icons.