David Lusk Gallery Memphis / 97 Tillman St. August 3, 2016 - August 27, 2016

Alex Paulus
Anne Siems
Ben Hancock
Beth Edwards
Bruce Brainard
Carlyle Wolfe
Catherine Erb
Colin McLain
Don Estes
Dwayne Butcher
Hamlett Dobbins
J. Elizabeth Williams
Ellen Dempsey
Greely Myatt
Tad Laurtizen Wright
Holt Brasher
Jared Small
KJ Schumacher
Lance Turner
Leslie Nichols
Kelly S Williams
Matt Christy
Mark Bradley-Shoup
Maysey Craddock
Nora Sturges
Peggy Root
Pinkney Herbert
Rob Matthews
Terri Jones
Tim Crowder
Tyler Hildebrand
Veda Reed

The highly anticipated Price is Right exhibition is finally here at David Lusk Memphis. On the walls during the month of August are works by approximately 35 artists all priced at $1000 or less.

This group exhibition offers artists ranging in backgrounds, influences and mediums – from different parts of Tennessee and across the nation. Sculpture, photography and paintings can be expected with a limitless scope of subject matter that is refreshing and creative.