Crosstown Arts / 1350 Concourse Ave., Suite 280 January 26, 2018 - March 11, 2018

Pam McDonnell

New work by Memphis-based artist Pam McDonnell
Curated by Anna Wunderlich

On view: January 26 - March 11
Opening reception: Friday, January 26, 6-8 pm

Artist Statement:
Material Equivalence is my exploration of the Spanish term “duende.” It describes the wordless reaction a person feels from experiencing the output of another person’s creativity. It can be seen in work that has a certain quality of passion and inspiration. Work with duende is said to have a soul, be highly expressive, and authentic.

In making this body of work, I tried not to focus on whether a certain piece exhibited this heightened state of emotion because I wanted to leave that determination to the viewer. Instead, I practiced noticing and trusting when I felt expressive and authentic and staying grounded in the assurance that the work was, in a sense, “making itself.”

This exhibition is titled Material Equivalence after a philosophical formula that sets out to prove an “if and only if” relationship. Here, it would state that “the work has duende, if, and only if, the viewer experiences the work as work with a soul and finds it full of passion and inspiration.”

About the Artist:
Pam McDonnell earned her BFA from University of Memphis in 2005 and has exhibited her work at a number of local galleries and studios, including David Lusk Gallery and Flicker Street Studio. Her work is displayed in public collections at Iberia Bank, West Cancer Center, and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.