Crosstown Arts / 1350 Concourse Ave. September 2, 2023 - January 21, 2024

Noah Thomas Miller

Crosstown Arts presents Days by Noah Thomas Miller in the East Gallery, South Pop-Out Wall, and Art Bar Bar Top.

Days follows the everyday observations of the structures we interact with. The houses become more than just a residence, but become individuals themselves. The shadows start to blur the line of where the walls stop and where a presence might begin.

Have you ever touched a door knob and thought it felt like shaking someone’s hand? Instead of treating it like a utilitarian tool?

One can start to feel their identity fuse with the walls around them day after day. This new presence, which we often call “home”, silently witnesses all of our joys and sorrows, and the passage of time. They are the only ones who have a deep understanding of our solitude and shared narratives.

These pieces are carved wood, masked in layers of house paint, and nailed together in a similar fashion as the places that house them. This is done to connect the viewer to the physicality and craftsmanship inherent in the creation of homes.

Noah Thomas Miller is Illinois-born but finds his home in Memphis. He works in multivalent mediums, whether that be woodworking, film, sound installation, or a combination of materials, to preserve memory and tell stories.

His work is constantly deconstructing and reconstructing a scene to find its essence. It’s easier to recall a feeling than the details of an image. One can find that in most of his work — stripping the image of detail (or color) and isolating the tone of a scene to tell the narrative itself.

He attended Memphis College of Art and has continued his practice through work with museums, film programs, art institutions, and most importantly at home.