L Ross Gallery / 5040 Sanderlin Ave. Suite 103 June 24, 2020 - July 25, 2020

Lisa Jennings

Gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday from 11am-3pm

It was a Friday — I let the cat out and stepped into the morning light. It was Spring-appropriate warm, a gentle breeze stirred the treetops, the air full of pollen. And all I heard was birdsong. Boisterous, cheerful birdsong.

Then it hit me: this seasonal chorus of chirps would normally be drowned out by cars starting, buses picking up neighborhood kids and the din of traffic. Instead, with we humans mostly tucked away because of the pandemic, it was just breeze and birdsong.

Take a moment.
Maybe you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allow these words to settle into your consciousness and echo through your body.

When life has felt larger than I can fathom, with a conflicting tangle of thoughts, during this time of quiet quarantine with global change upon us I have sought the sanctuary of listening to the birds before entering my daily work in the studio. Perhaps each of us can take time to listen, sit back and receive: birdsong, wisdom, joy, purpose within and without.