​UAC Tiny Gallery (UrbanArt Commission) / 422 N. Cleveland St March 22 - June 22nd

Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo

Concrete, aluminum, saw dust, wood glue, coquina shells, pig hairs, foam, found deer skull, quartz crystal, alligator garfish scales, old nails, shells, coral, rocks, epoxy clay, acrylic paint, alcohol ink, sand, tarantula, human hair from two sisters, two rattlesnake tails

Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo’s sculptural work utilizes the possibilities within hybridity to speak of a hypothetical place where humans have evolved into hybrid beings with animals, insects, and discarded human-made materials. The resulting physical evolution of this voluntary merging challenges social discomfort around bodies that are not easily categorized by blurring the boundaries between animal and human, living and dead, animate and inanimate. Her work aims to disrupt notions of human hierarchy, testing the phenomenon between humanity, mammality and technology in a chimeric future.