Cooper-Young Gallery / 889 S. Cooper St. December 15, 2018 - January 9, 2019

Jonah Westbrook, Nick Hewlett

It’s an art show featuring original works by illustrators, Nick Hewlett and Jonah Westbrook! We’ll have snacks, wine, music, art, shopping, and fun times for all! Visit the gallery while you’re in Cooper-Young for the Muddy's Holiday Maker Market. Heck, make a day of it!

Being an artist is hard, but hanging out with your creative besties makes it easier. That’s what artists Nick Hewlett, Jonah Westbrook, and Kristen Rambo thought when they decided to meet weekly to work on creative projects as a group. They collaborate, give each other constructive critique on independent projects, and support each other by lending their unique talents to the team. Hangzone provides them the accountability and encouragement they need to achieve their creative goals. 

“Whether it's a frantic text, a quiet night of drawing and collaborating, or finding ourselves in a Forever Friday,” says Nick, “Hangzone’s mission is to stick together and follow the heart of the cards. Sometimes we all show work together, sometimes it's one or two of us at a time, sometime were not showing anything-- just freaking out for no reason. Either way we continue to make work.”

Hangzone: v. 1 at Cooper-Young Gallery is Nick and Jonah’s first dual exhibit. Nick Hewlett is an illustrator, videographer, and storyteller, who uses sequential narrative and his own perspective to reflect on human experience. Jonah Westbrook is an artist, black futurist, and musician from Memphis who uses images of furniture and living spaces to explore human interaction, behaviour, and relationships. Their original works, prints, and comics will be available for purchase at the event and through January 9 at Cooper-Young Gallery.

Shop and Gallery hours: 
Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: Noon - 6:00pm