Beverly and Sam Ross Gallery (Christian Brothers University) / 650 East Pkwy S. March 18 - April 26th

Jana Travis

Jana Broussard Travis holds an MFA in Fine Arts from the University of Memphis. She served as the Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at Christian Brothers University, where she created the BFA degree in the Visual Arts and taught for 20 years. Prior to her tenure at CBU, she lived with her husband and two daughters in Guadalajara, Mexico for three years. It was in Mexico where she first observed nature in its most lush and untamed formed and began to use it as a catalyst for her work. Her lively and colorful paintings can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Inspired by nature, I hint at both naturalistic and architectural forms in the paintings using a multi-layered approach to construct a connection between nature and memory. My current series grew from a conscious decision to seek a more fluid and organic path to the work. By first setting up compositional constraints using mixed media materials, I create a catalyst for a more reactive and engaging composition. Research and observations are derived from the seasonal changes in color and environments found in botanical gardens, rural country sides, or urban landscapes. Just as the seasons change, my perception of environment changes to reimagine the ephemeral qualities of time and place. — Jana Broussard Travis