The CMPLX / 2234 Lamar Ave. June 30, 2019 - July 27, 2019

Lindsey Bailey, Mia Saine, Zahria Cook, Amber George, Kiara Sally, Tabacco Brown, Catherine Elizabeth Patton, Felicia Wheeler, Dawn Celeste Ross, Alexandria Darrolyn Bell, Sarai

"Fiber: An Exploration of Freedom, addresses the trials, triumphs and experiences of the black woman’s narrative as it pertains to the freedoms that we are afforded and the capacity in which we persevere and act upon it."

Curated by: Felicia Wheeler.

On July 28th the artists of the FIBER exhibition will be holding a roundtable artist discussion.  

Roundtable artist discussion is a safe space for womxn to hear from the artists and hear what inspired their work and to share what their freedom is. 

womxn - A spelling of "women" that is a more inclusive; includes trans-women and women of color.