Rust Hall Main Gallery (Memphis College of Art) / 1930 Poplar Ave. January 7 - 27th

Zoe Allred
Haley Bagwell
Elizabeth Bateman
Anna Bearman
Darcie Beeman-Black
Lauren Blair
Zahria Cook
Kaleob Elkins
Melissa Farris
Martina Maya-Callen
Abby Meyers
Sarah Mosely
Tom Nicolson
Eli Peck
Leanna Pierce
Kristen Rambo
Beau Sanders
Tawny Skye
Tracy Treadwell
Nicole Tremble
Luca Tucker
Leandra Urrutia
Olivia Wall
Jonah Westbrook
Heather Wetzel
Meredith Wilson

Amidst a culture perpetuating violence and placing predators on platforms, Enough: A Me Too Exhibition bloomed. This exhibition exists to provide a voice, a wall, a pedestal, and a safe space to those who have not yet been provided one in the past. This exhibition is to lift up survivors of any gender, sex, class, race, sexual orientation, or ability - anyone affected by perpetrators of assault. It is the beginning of prioritizing both artistic value and morality in the art world. Enough is here to make our voices heard and embraced.