Beverly and Sam Ross Gallery (Christian Brothers University) / 650 East Parkway S., Memphis, TN February 11 - 15th

Darius Anderson, Manuella Cueto


Biography: I have spent years finding a way to record my message, and photography was my escape to clarifying the viewer’s view through personality and engagement. I have seen a lot: growth, death, maturity, hope, so my lens is always amplified. My eyes are always open. I can see beyond what is in front of me to create a multitude of realities. My love varies, from photography, music, video, and design. A plethora of activities is a flexible way to capture your specific message. A vast majority of people are unheard, and my job is to make your message heard. I was afraid of not having an impact on the world, and photography was my way to impact it and others. I am shining my light in a world of darkness. A small town kid, from a rough and tough place. You have to be crazy to live like this, however the good crazy.

Artist’s Statement: I, Bogey Studios, hit record on your message, clarifying your view with design, photography, and an amplified lens. My creative artillery is filtered by God’s vision. I am influenced by vibrant color palettes such as green, yellow, red, and blues. These colors make my palette. Photos become supernatural and joyous to look at. I want people to feel the same Joy I feel when taking the photo. My eye becomes your eye when looking at my colorful prints. Bogey’s vibe is to genuinely serve those who want to capture life before a camera. I am inspired by other photographers who showed me how to use my first camera and ever since I learned to manipulate the camera, I fell in Love. I never took a class for it. I just dove headfirst into photography creating images to my liking. Creating is an adrenaline rush, a fresh new feeling for a cognitive thinker. I will bring your thoughts to life, putting you at ease, with innovative media. This canvas I lay for you is a color palette of energy, so let’s Hit Record.


Biography: Manuella Cueto was born and raised in Memphis, TN. Manuella is an artist who works with graphic media. She is currently based in Memphis and is graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Christian Brothers University. She has been a part of the AdFed since 2022. She is currently still making work and planning to continue creating designs in the future.

Artist’s Statement: My practice is memorable, and I give places identity with the media of videos, photography, object making, and full identity. I focus on giving places a home where the art that they use can become part of their brand. That can be in the face of a logo, website, graphic materials. I focus on giving places those components that can allow for others to see what they are about. The cool thing about this process is that other people can be part of this experience too along with me. I help their ideas become more than just a dream, but an actual work or art. I have a close relationship with these kinds of works because they bring identity to a place that seems not to have one.