Art Museum of the University of Memphis (AMUM) / 3750 Norriswood Ave., 142 Communications and Fine Arts Bldg. August 19, 2018 - October 6, 2018

Consuming Passions II is a collection of collections. In 1993, AMUM staged its first Consuming Passions exhibition which featured comic books, outsider art, television-themed board games, home-crafted textiles, snow-shakers, and many other local and regional collections. This sequel on the twenty-fifth anniversary of that earlier exhibition will revisit the theme of collectors and collecting. Drawn from the varied pursuits of both hobbyists and citizen-scholars, Consuming Passions II will showcase sports paraphernalia, Japanese prints, automobile art, posters and material culture from World War I and World War II, and provocative assemblies of pop-culture related artifacts.

Folk Art, The Mitchell Family Collection
Mid-century Modern Furniture, The Mitchell Family Collection
Hollywood Science Fiction Collection, The Tony Hardy Collection
Baseballs and More, The Collection of Michael Watson
World War I, The Collection of Andrew Pouncey
World War II, The Collection of Rudy Grisanti
Automobile Art, The Collection of David Hyde
Japanese Prints, The Collections of Beth Edwards and Millett Vance
African American Portraiture, The Collection of Earnestine Jenkins
Designs, Fonts, Graphics and Publications by William Addison Dwiggins
The Collection of Fredric Koeppel

The Collection of Jay Etkin

Toy Trucks
The Collection of Jay Etkin

Dental Plates
The Collection of Jay Etkin

Moon Pie Memorabilia
Collection of Walt Fisher