2021 Projects / 55 South Main St. October 22, 2021 - November 19, 2021

Raina Belleau, Caleb Churchill

47 Rockets combines science and speculation into a condensed visual summary of humankind’s complex relationship with the moon and our centuries-old fixation with space travel.

From the folktale of Chang’e and the jade rabbit to the conspiracy that Stanley Kubrick filmed the landing of Apollo 11, we have been captivated by the idea of visiting our nearest astrological neighbor, Earth’s eighth continent. Unlike the continents of Earth, the moon has no nationality, no native language. Regardless of our individual place in time or space, we all look up at the same moon.

The artworks in 47 Rockets take inspiration from history such as the ill-fated attempt at space travel of Wan Hu, a Chinese contemporary of Galileo, who attached 47 rockets to a chair and had his attendants light the fuses. Other pieces draw on more recent history like Playtex’s role in fabricating the first space suits using technology developed for bras and feminine hygiene and the popularity of Michael Jackson’s “Moon Walk”.