Medicine Factory / 85 Virginia Ave W. November 5 - 28th

Nikii Richey, Wire Sculptress

“This work explores the inane quest for beauty and social acceptance, no matter how much damage and trauma lies beneath. My Mother was a child of the 50s, and her beauty was her currency in the world. She held onto that image (and expectation) of herself through many traumas and addictions, and expected the same from me. I was estranged from my Mother for many years, but towards the end of her life, I became her caregiver because there was simply no one else. I’m grateful that I had that time to understand, just a little, who she was and maybe why. This work grew out of that time, and all the time before.”

Richey has been creating things with her hands for as long as she can remember, and began working with wire 11 years ago. She has participated in shows locally and regionally, and lives in Memphis with her husband and two boys.

After opening night, the gallery is accessible on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am – 2pm. Call 901-484-6154 for entry or to make an appointment. There will also be an artist’s talk on Saturday, November 20th at 2pm.