UpFront Gallery / 133C S. Gay St. December 1, 2017 - December 29, 2017

Stephen Spidell

I use natural subject matter, currently hair and waves, as catalysts for exploring the dynamism of movement and flow. While employing realist principles, the work becomes abstract in that it stands apart from the material subject and any direct associations with it. To intensify the works’ dramatic movement, I feature a high contrast of lights and dark's with limited color palates. Before and during my drawing process, I meditate to music that has flow, rhythm, and movement that I wish to emulate visually. Some examples of the music that influence my current body are Steve Vai’s “Blue Powder,” “For the Love of God,” and “Whispering a Prayer.” Like this music, the intrigue of these works lies in their beauty and mystery, which invite viewers to engage emotionally in the art in a way that’s meaningful to their own life circumstances.