Fluorescent Gallery / 627 N. Central St. February 24, 2017 - February 24, 2017

Katie Rothacher, Jon Nowell, Lauren O'Connor-Korb, Lindy Ekes, Taylor Aaron Shaw

The Raw Dill is the partially-tarnished token, languishing in the kitchen cupboard underneath cloth napkins next to the expired batteries that tumble freely when the drawer is disturbed. It's also the thing you relied on as a kid, kept it close, entrusted it, swore off swimming because of it, and always made sure to walk close to the buildings because that's how best to avoid getting wet. Most is most unless you leave something behind. Not to worry, it will be remembered. And so, whether you know it's there because of the lump in your pocket or the one in your throat, inevitably what presses hardest against the restraints the most is nothing, absence, and the likelihood that forgetting is a forgone conclusion. 

The artists/grad students participating from the Sculpture and Art X Programs at the University of Georgia, Athens are:

Katie Rothacher 
Jon Nowell
Lauren O'Connor-Korb
Lindy Ekes
Taylor Aaron Shaw