Gallery 1010 (UTK) / 100 S. Gay Street , Suite 114 October 7, 2022 - October 8, 2022

Anthony Huang, Haley Takahashi

Silk Memorial will consist of large-scale fabric monotype installation, experimental cyanotypes, and two kimonos made collaboratively by Haley Takahashi and Anthony Huang. Each piece will examine themes of memory, nostalgia, cultural identity, and emotional expression. Anthony will draw on the philosophy of Zen, where natural energies are channeled into personal and internal healing. His fabric installation will include large hanging monotypes, light manipulation, and projection to create an interactive and peaceful space. Using Cyanotype, Indigo dying techniques, family photos, and experimental printmaking techniques, Haley will produce 3 to 5 works on fabric that contemplate family history and ephemerality. Working collaboratively, Anthony and Haley will create two kimonos. The external fabric will be printed by Anthony, while the internal cyanotype lining and kimono constructed will be done by Haley. The kimonos will be hung in the gallery's center from the ceiling as a nexus between the artists. The gallery's right wall will contain Haley's work, and the left Anthony's. Cultural identity is an essential facet of each artist's practice. In collaborating, Haley and Anthony can compare their experiences and seek out the commonalities. They believe that the universality of memory and recollection resonates beyond external identity. The soft, forgiving, and flowing nature of the fabric will act as a conceptual bridge that will encourage the audience to contemplate the similarities and differences presented by each artist.